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Seasonal Provincetown Moorings

mooring field Cape Cod FlyersSeasonal customers can keep their boats with us from May 15 through the end of September 30. Fees include unlimited day-time launch service to and from the mooring by our Coast Guard licensed captains. Your dockmaster will also be able to make arrangements for out-of-hours launch service to our seasonal customers at low or no cost.  One vehicle parking on a first come first serve bases.  Live web cam to check out sea conditions from home.   

Seasonal Moorings Summer 2011

Reserve a mooring for summer 2011: It’s not too early to reserve a spot in our field in scenic Provincetown Harbor.


Mooring Rates 2011

Boat Size Seasonal MA/Tax Total 
16’ – 18’  $1000.00 $62.50 $1062.50
19’- 20’  $1100.00 $68.75   $1168.75
21’ $1150.00 $71.88 $1221.88
22’ $1250.00 $78.13 $1328.13
23’ $1350.00  $84.38 $1434.38
24’     $1450.00 $90.63 $1540.63
25’ $1550.00  $96.88  $1646.88
26’  $1650.00  $103.13


27’ $1750.00  $109.38 $1859.38
28’  $1850.00  $115.63 $1965.63
29’  $1950.00 $121.88 $2071.88
30’   $2050.00 $128.13 $2178.13
31’-39’ $3000.00  $187.50 $3187.5
40’-45'   $3500.00 $218.75 $3718.75

For full seasonal mooring rates and more information, please give us a

call on 508 487 0898 ext 201.

Contact us for reservations


Flyer's would like to stress again that if you don't need to drive to the boatyard, please don't. As we increase our seasonal mooring customers it has become more and more difficult to offer parking to our rental customers many of whom have driven from Up Cape and have few parking options. From this season, we will now be charging a small fee for parking at Flyer's.

Remember that in high season, you can park in the main town lot and jump on one of our launches from MacMillan Pier slip #2 to get over to your moored boat.  

Please Remember that all vessels are required to be insured by there owners to  be moored or stored with us.  Flyer’s Boat Shop & Rentals Inc is not responsible for lost, stolen or damage to personal property caused by fire theft, accident inclement weather or any other cause out of our control.

Thanks again for choosing Flyer's, and if you have any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

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Moorings & Rentals:

508.487.0898 X 205

Marine Service:

508.487.0518 X201

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